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2017 NL Wild Card GameThread: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks...

Who is going to move on to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the other NLDS matchup? We find out tonight.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Diamondbacks’ right-hander Zack Greinke went (2-1) in five outings against Colorado this season, posting a 3.41 ERA, two walks, 37 Ks, and a .229/.241/.435 line against in 34 13 innings against the Rockies.

Greinke put up a 3.77 ERA and a .263/.263/.421 line against in 14 13 IP in two starts he made in Coors Field, but tonight he’s facing the Rockies in Chase Field, where he went (13-1) in 18 starts and 116 innings, over which he had a 2.87 ERA, 23 walks, 131 Ks and a .209/.249/.382 line against in 116 innings.

In his prestart press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Greinke was asked if he thought it was a big advantage to be pitching at home in tonight’s NL Wild Card game, which in this case, considering the other option is Coors Field, would seem an obvious “Yes”, but it is Zack Greinke, so...

“I don't really know,” Greinke said. “That's a very good question. They probably like —cancel each other out. So if it's an advantage for one team, it's an advantage for the other team, so I don't know. I would say there's probably not any advantage and not any disadvantage.”

Greinke struggled against Colorado last season, with a 6.48 ERA and .333/.377/.597 line against in three starts and 16 23 IP. He was asked yesterday what was different against the Rockies this time around.

“I remember pitching bad the first game last year against them, and can't remember for sure the other ones,” Greinke said. “The results might not have been great, but I don't really remember the games off the top of my head. But this year, I mean, every game I've pitched against them I've felt really, really good this year to where after the game they got three runs or something and my mind was like, man, I should have done even better with how good I felt. So I felt really good in the games pitching against them so far this year.”

Rockies’ right-hander Jon Gray said he was looking forward to going up against Greinke tonight with the season on the line.

“It's very cool,” Gray told reporters. “The guy's obviously got a great track record. He's been a really good pitcher for years. It's very exciting for me. It's a guy I used to watch on TV, so it's very, very surreal.”

Gray went (2-1) in three starts against the D-Backs this season, with four walks, 26 Ks and a .264/.308/.458 line against in 18 innings.

He didn’t seem concerned at all about pitching in Chase Field, which he compared to his home park, explaining that he didn’t feel like he needed to change his approach.

“I pitch at Coors and it's pretty similar,” Gray said. “I don't try to do anything at all. I know how everything works and it does work similar to Coors, so I think that gives me a little conformability while I'm up there. But I think visually everything looks good.

“The mound feels very tall, and they say it doesn't make any difference, but it could be in a live game. But I've always enjoyed pitching here.”

Will the starters in the NL Wild Card game last any longer than Luis Severino and Ervin Santana did last night in the AL Wild Card? We’ll find out at 8:00 PM.