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Wire Taps: Dave Martinez gets his shot with Nationals; Nats need to extend Mike Rizzo; Talking coaching staff

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as we prepare for the introduction of the Nats’ new skipper.

MLB: Game One-New York Mets at Washington Nationals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, one more night of this boring baseball stuff, and then it’s on to the part we’ve all been waiting for: Those juicy hot stove rumors.

Here’s what’s new at Nats Park:

Dave Martinez has long been believed to have the right stuff. Now, he gets his chance.
Martinez is direct, tells players what they need to know, knows the game, and knows analytics.

That time Frank Robinson left RFK Stadium in full Nationals uniform
Frank Robinson was tired after a doubleheader, and had a day game scheduled for the next day, so he did what any sensible manager would do and went home in his uniform. This and other stories from the venerable storybook that is Charlie Slowes.

Nats' next move has to be extending Mike Rizzo
Mike Rizzo wanted to bring back Dusty Baker. He ended up with Dave Martinez, which isn't the worst thing in the world at all, but the Nats need to make it clear that they still care about Rizzo's presence in the organization.

It's time for the Nats to start constructing their coaching staff
When the Nats parted with Dusty Baker, they also parted with their entire coaching staff. They could potentially bring some members back, but Davey Lopes, Chris Speier, Rick Schu, and Jacque Jones certainly don't seem like they're coming back.

Offseason Position Discussion: First Base
Ryan Zimmerman came into the year with a ton of questions surrounding him, but he answered almost all of them with an impressive year. Out of the box idea? Trade him.

AFL Update: Robles, McGowin, Gutierrez
The Solar Sox are on a three-game win streak! The baseball world is captivated!

The Nats have their manager. Now comes the hard part.
Dave Martinez now has to build a coaching staff -- though the Nats may help him out. Also, the Nats have a few slots on the roster to fill out.