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Get a “Just Rename It The Max Scherzer Award” t-shirt from Breaking T...

Celebrate Max Scherzer’s second Cy Young award in D.C. and the third Cy Young of Scherzer’s career with the new “Just Rename It the Max Scherzer Award” t-shirt from Breaking T...

“What more can you say about Max?” Washington Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo asked rhetorically in a press release on Max Scherzer winning his third Cy Young award.

Rizzo was the scouting director in Arizona in 2006 when Max Scherzer was drafted by the Diamondbacks and the General Manager in D.C. who signed the right-hander as a free agent in January of 2015, giving Scherzer a 7-year/$210M deal. Two Cy Youngs in three seasons have made the deal look like a good one.

“To have taken home this award three times already in his career,” Rizzo said last night, “... to be among the shortest of lists when it comes to three-time winners, and an even shorter list of those who’ve won the award in both leagues, you realize just how special a pitcher we’re lucky enough to watch every fifth day.”


Scherzer received 27 of 30 first place votes, and is now 1 of 10 pitchers in MLB history with three of more Cy Young awards as Rizzo mentioned, joining Sandy Koufax (3), Jim Palmer (3), Tom Seaver (3), Clayton Kershaw (3), who finished second this season, Pedro Martinez (3), Steve Carlton (4), Greg Maddux (4), Randy Johnson (5), and Roger Clemens (7).

Scherzer joined that short list a year after he became the sixth pitcher in MLB history to win a Cy Young in both the AL and NL, joining Gaylord Perry, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Roy Halladay on that list.

“On behalf of the entire Washington Nationals organization, we are elated for Max and incredibly proud to call him one of our own,” Rizzo said.

“We look forward to what is to come as he leads our staff in 2018 and beyond.”

“Watching Max pitch every fifth day in our uniform has been a source of great pride for our entire family – and, we’re sure, our collective fan base,” Nationals’ Managing Principal Owner Theodore N. Lerner said in last night’s press release.

“We are awed by his penchant for historic performances and eagerly await his starts to see what feat he will conquer next, and what other peaks his career in Washington will reach.”

Stephen Strasburg, who finished third in the voting for the 2017 Cy Young, the highest finish of his career, talked during last night’s MLB Network broadcast about getting to work with Scherzer and watch what he’s capable of doing.

“The things he’s done in D.C., I just hope D.C. fans really, really appreciate it,” Strasburg said.

“Because it’s not that easy. I think they’re a little spoiled in there, and I’m spoiled too to have a guy like that in the clubhouse that I can watch and see how he goes about his business and just try to pick up every little thing.”


FROM BREAKING T: Only 10 pitchers have won the award for best in their league three times over. Mad Max is one of them, and he's on a two-year streak. They may need to rename the thing.