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Wire Taps: Trading Bryce Harper?; Jayson Werth probably won’t return to Nationals; Jonathan Lucroy as a Nat?

It’s apparently one popular idea on the internets, but seriously, stop saying the Nationals should trade Bryce Harper... that and other Nats news...

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MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Washington Nationals Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! Make sure to leave out your drumsticks for Charlie Brown tonight. Go with it. There’s nothing to say about baseball.

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Inbox: What if the Nats traded Bryce Harper?
Everyone thinks the Nats should trade Harper, for some odd reason. First of all, stop. Second of all, no. Third of all, go back to sleep, and die. (also there are other questions in here.)

Jayson Werth not expected to return to the Nats in 2017
It certainly seemed like the Nats decided to say goodbye to Werth at the end of the season -- and even if the Nationals make some trades, it just doesn't seem like he has a spot in Washington anymore.

Nats add (just) two to 40-man
The Nats added only two players to their 40-man roster ahead of the Rule 5 draft, and neither are draft picks. Also, can we acknowledge that both the 2012 and 2014 drafts were busts? Okay, thanks.

5 Best Fits For Jonathan Lucroy In Free Agency
"[Matt] Wieters' season made Lucroy's glitter in comparison... the Nats probably want a bigger upgrade than [Lucroy], but there aren't many options available."

Braves bulldozed with sanctions by MLB
The Braves lost 13 international prospects. The Nats will not be getting any of them.

Cubs-Marlins, not Nationals-Reds will open MLB season
ESPN decided to air Cubs-Marlins at 12:30 PM, instead of doing the sensible thing by putting the Reds game as the first game on Opening Day.

Way-too-early MLB power rankings: Nationals at #6
"The Nats are overwhelming favorites to three-peat as NL East champs, meaning the true test will come again in October."