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Washington Nationals-themed t-shirts Black Friday sale at Breaking T...

Get your holiday shopping for the Nationals fans in your life done early and take advantage of the Black Friday sales from our friends at BreakingT...

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Breaking T came up with a number of fun/funny t-shirts reacting to big stories/memes during the Washington Nationals’ 2017 campaign. All those shirts and some from their past collections are now on sale for the holiday season.

The Michael A. Tater t-shirt; Bryce Harper’s “You hang it, we bang it” shirt; the “Thanks, Beard” shirt honoring Jayson Werth’s time in the nation’s capital; the Sean Doolittle, “Let’s Dooooooo this!” t-shirt; Max Scherzer’s “Hit like a pitcher” shirt which they made after Scherzer’s first career home run... they’re all there (if they’re not sold out already).

Here are the details of the sale as explained to us by the folks at Breaking T:

• Every BreakingT shirt will be discounted 25-85% off, starting Thursday (11/23/17) at 12 A.M. and ending Monday (11/27) at 11:59 p.m.

Check out all the Nats and D.C.-themed t-shirts from Breaking T HERE.

• There are two sales live on Breaking T’s site already: A $15 collection (which includes the Bryce Harper “You hang it, We bang it! shirt and a separate $5 t-shirt collection in which you’ll find the shirt celebrating Harper’s 100th career homer (limited sizes), the Daniel Murphy “FWAHHH!” shirt (though it looks like that one is only available in small), and more.

• When the Black Friday sale starts, the $25 shirts will be available for $18.75; $15 shirts will be $11.25, and $5 shirts will be $3.75.

It’s the perfect gift (IONSHO) for the Nationals fans in your life, and there are plenty of deals to be had. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and hopefully you find something you like and can take advantage of the sale.

Check out all the Nats and D.C.-themed t-shirts from Breaking T HERE.