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Wire Taps: OMG Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant are friends!!!!! Nationals’ injury concerns heading into 2018...

I know, Nats fans, I know. It’s hard to look at that pic above knowing it like totally means that Bryce Harper is going to sign with the Cubs next winter. But we have each other. Hug the Nationals fan in your life today...

Screencap via @GoldenKnights on the Twitter...

Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant apparently attended a Las Vegas Golden Knights (Gold Knights, really?) game last knight (get it?), so of course we’re all treated to another round of “Harper is going to sign in Chicago, right?” speculation. Peter Gammons did, after all, like totally report that a source said Harper was interested in signing on in Chicago when he’s a free agent... and then clarified that, “I don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” though most people seem to have missed that second part.

Whatever, Harper is totally in a picture with Bryant, and that is all the proof we need that he’s a future Cub. Enough rambling. Link time...

Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant went to a hockey game and Cubs fans lost their minds
"Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper is still a year away from free agency, but Chicago Cubs fans can’t help but imagine him in their favorite team’s jersey."


How does Erick Fedde fit in Nationals' 2018 plans?
"In the third start, his velocity fell into the high 80s as he threw 112 pitches over six innings, a dugout decision that rankled front office decision-makers who had known of some soreness beforehand and warned coaches to be wary."

Nationals have fewer bullpen holes to fill
"Building a bullpen has become sort of a winterly tradition in Washington, one that a year ago gave Nationals fans stress as the team searched for an established closer."

No. 6 Nats prospect: Luis Garcia
"One player that maybe a lot of Nationals fans may not be familiar with is a teenage second baseman from New York City named Luis Garcia."

Despite concern after ACL tear, Eaton should be upgrade for Nats
"We only got a month’s worth of playing time to make an evaluation, but Eaton sure did look worth it during that dynamic April."


What Can Nationals Fans Expect From Daniel Murphy Next Season After Knee Surgery?
"The procedure is typically relatively quick, done through two poke holes in the skin; the recovery is the hard part."

The biggest offseason needs for MLB playoff teams
"However, for a team hoping to cap Bryce Harper's walk year with a championship, the Nats need to think of Wieters as something between a sunk cost and an overqualified backup."

After a Year on TV, Matt Williams Can't Wait to Help A's: 'I'm a Rat, Man'
"'My most comfortable place is on the field, in the uniform,' said Williams, 52. 'I'm a rat, man. That's where I'm most comfortable, swinging a fungo with blisters on my hands and in the grind of 4:30 a.m. to the ballpark.'"

Editorial: PBC leaders must get in game to fix ballpark ills
As reported by The Post’s Joe Capozzi, many of the 35 subcontractors have been pleading with both the teams and the four general contractors, led by Hunt Construction Group, to pay up.