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Wire Taps: Dave Martinez introduced; Kevin Long hired as hitting coach; Adam Lind a free-agent

It was actually a busy last 24 hours in Nationals news, so get caught up now with the latest links from NatsTown...

MLB: Washington Nationals-Press Conference Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, we’ve got a manager, and a hitting coach. It’s hard to know what to make of Kevin Long — as for Dave Martinez, one would assume — or at least hope — that he feels less pressure from ownership and a little more at ease when he steps into the manager’s office.

Here’s the beat from South Capitol Street.

Nats introduce Dave Martinez
Martinez and Rizzo spoke for four hours in Tampa, making him the frontrunner for and eventual winner of the job. Also, apparently the Nationals are going to start doing Sunday Fundays with late arrivals to the ballpark and team breakfasts. Nice!

Step one for Martinez? Build relationships
Martinez ran into Sean Doolittle at the park before the press conference, and plans to meet with Max Scherzer this weekend. Then, he plans to "get on the phone and get to know all the players."

Nats hire Kevin Long as new hitting coach
Kevin Long was reportedly in the running for the Nats' managerial position, but will now fill the role of hitting coach. Lineup full of Daniel Murphys, here we come!

Dave Martinez tells Lerners what they want to hear
Martinez, apparently, spent the presser talking to Ted Lerner about two things: winning an NLDS, and then winning the World Series.

Dave Martinez's to-do list has one item on it, and you already know what it is
The words "creative," "analytical," and others of the sort were tossed around the Nats' clubhouse a lot yesterday. He's not as flashy as Dusty Baker, but Martinez has the job for those reasons, and now he has to win a World Series. Easy enough?

The difference between Dave Martinez and the other Nationals' managers is in the numbers
Dave Martinez knows how to use analytics. He also knows how to run a clubhouse. Best of both worlds?

Martinez wants players to know that he's "on their side"
Martinez brings positivity and energy to the table, albeit in a different way than Dusty Baker did. For now, he seemed a little awkward in his initial debut.

Nats don't renew Adam Lind's option
Adam Lind is good. Apparently not $5 million good.

Ted Lerner, silent in public, is the only voice that matters when it comes to the Nats
The Nats' press conference on Thursday had a theme: Winning a World Series, now. Which is never a great burden to place on a team's back. Unless your owner is in his 90s and desperate for a parade.

Rizzo optimistic Murphy will be ready for Opening Day
Sure, the Nats introduced a new manager. But more importantly, we got some much-needed Daniel Murphy clarity!

3 key offseason questions for the Nationals
Upgrade at catcher? Pitching coach? Re-signing Jayson Werth?

Max Scherzer named into AFL Hall of Fame
No doubt the most prestigious award Scherzer's name has come up in connection to this year.

Nats introduce Dave Martinez, who says that the Nats are "gonna get it done"
Mike Rizzo went to Tampa to check out Dave Martinez, and he seemed much more prepared for the job than he did four years ago, so he has the uniform on. Now, he thinks that the Nats are set to deliver on a promise.

The Washington Astros could've been a thing in 1995
The Astros were prepared to sell to a group of Northern Virginia investors. The ballpark would be in (shudders) Dulles.