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Wire Taps: Nationals lose out on Gold Gloves; Who will Washington target in free-agency?

No gold for Washington. The Nationals up for Gold Gloves didn’t win. Maybe the BBWAA will reward a National. Catch up on the latest chatter below...

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

What a sad day for baseball. Our best to the Phillies and the Halladay family.

Here’s the news from South of North Capitol Street.

Strasburg's Cy Young consideration a significant milestone
Despite being considered one of the better pitching talents of his generation, Strasburg has never cracked the Cy Young ceiling. He probably won't this year either, but he took a huge step towards it.

Is there anyone the Nats may target in free agency?
The Nats could hypothetically make an inquiry on J.D. Martinez or someone of the sort, but more likely names are along the lines of Erick Aybar and Curtis Granderson.

Max Scherzer should be the favorite to win the NL Cy Young award
Scherzer led the league in strikeouts, led his competition in innings pitched, and Clayton Kershaw missed significant time. No question, right?

Rendon, Taylor stand out on defense
Anthony Rendon, despite being clearly superior and in the correct position at all times, compared to Nolan Arenado, who just has long arms and can dive when he's not in the right place every now and then, lost the NL 3B Gold Glove. Ender Inciarte took the GG in CF, sorry Michael A. Taylor.

Real Racing Presidents surprise fake Racing Presidents with visit to elementary school
More importantly, the parent who made the costumes got a signed Bryce Harper jersey. Also, how is their Herbert so much better than the Nats'?

Kelvin Gutierrez named AFL player of the week
The Nationals are officially the most successful franchise at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches since November 2nd.