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Wire Taps: Did the Washington Nationals’ chances of keeping Bryce Harper improve with Giancarlo Stanton trade?

Shockingly, everyone has opinions on how the Yankees and Marlins’ trade for Giancarlo Stanton affects Bryce Harper’s future. And you know what they say about opinions, right?

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Divisional Round - Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals - Game Five Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Apparently everyone has an opinion on how the Miami Marlins and New York Yankees’ trade for Giancarlo Stanton affects Bryce Harper’s future. Even Harper’s agent shared his thoughts. Scott Boras wrote to Ken Rosenthal after Rosenthal posted a story over at The Athletic in which he listed Harper among the “Losers” following the deal that sent the Marlins’ slugger to the Bronx.

Boras, apparently, we think, if we’re reading it correctly, and we’re really not too sure, challenged the idea that the deal for Stanton, which gives the Yanks two hard-hitting corner outfielders — since they already have Aaron Judge there — takes NY out of the running for Harper if/when he hits free agency next winter.

“A Bronx opera . . . The Three Tenors . . . Hal’s genius, vision,” Boras said, apparently in reference to the Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner.

“Alone the three were stars . . . now a galaxy of international popularity.”

New York Post writer Ken Davidoff subsequently asked Boras if he meant, specifically, that Judge, Stanton, and Harper could be “The Three Tenors”?

“I didn’t say specific players,” Boras told him, “... just that Hal has a love for [the] arts and I am sure he would love the Three Tenors.”

I’m still not sure what all that means. On to the links...


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