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Wire Taps: Brandon Kintzler returns to Washington; Nationals happy with patience; Two Rule 5 additions

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news now that the 2017 Winter Meetings are over...

San Francisco Giants v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Nats made an offseason move! The Nats made an offseason move! Holy cow, it actually happened!

(Also, we’re anxiously awaiting the new alt uniforms coming on Saturday. Will they be blue? Red? White? Gray??)

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Brandon Kintzler re-signs with Nationals for 2 years
We've come a long, long way from Blake Treinen, folks.

Brandon Kintzler and his semi-killer sinker return to the Nats
Kintzler has used his sinker to induce ground ball after ground ball (and the Nats just made their pitching coach a ground ball specialist). He's been good historically about having a low launch angle, but then again, the pitch seems to have regressed over the last year.

Nationals are happy with patience post-Winter Meetings
The Nats have essentially checked off their right-handed reliever box on their offseason list. They may play around with some NRSTIs, but the next questions are starting pitchers, bench players, and, quietly, Bryce Harper.

Kintzler comes back in a good, not great deal
Yes, the Nats could've gotten someone more dominant. Who strikes people out. But it worked last year. Here's hoping it doesn't implode.

Parade of relievers keeps rolling as Winter Meetings end
Everyone from Fernando Rodney to Brandon Morrow is getting multimillion dollar contracts, because the formula now is apparently that bullpens win championships.

Nats lose one, pick up two in Rule 5 draft
The Nats picked a whole two (2) players up for the minor leagues in the Rule 5 draft to round out some rosters. Prospect is an overstatement for the players that they chose, though.

Nats bring Brandon Kintzler back on complicated two-year deal
It'll be worth around $11 million dollars, but it has some weird clauses that could potentially make it worth more or less? We don't really know. Also, Bryce Harper and Sean Doolittle helped to get him to return!

The Nats had their fun clubhouse thing for people that are deemed cool on Twitter: