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Welcome to Washington Nationals Winterfest: Day 1

Washington Nationals’ players and coaches will be in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center over the next two days as they take part in the 2017 edition of WinterFest.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It’s that time of year again. Washington Nationals WinterFest is here. We’ll be on the scene in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center covering both days of the 2017 version of the annual event.

Check back often today for quotes and notes from the festivities.

There will be a parade of players talking to reporters behind the scenes while the Nats interact with fans and take part in the action out front.

If you want to follow along and enjoy things vicariously without leaving the comfort of your home to venture out into the cold, we’ve got you covered with all the info we can get out between interviews.

[ed. note - “It’s sometimes hard to get a whole lot out honestly, since there is a steady parade of players talking throughout the day and lots of transcribing to do as it all happens. But we’ll keep churning out content over the next few days, okay for a couple weeks, uh, maybe a month, probably, by the time we’re done.”]

You can follow along on Federal Baseball’s Twitter feed below for the blurry pics we can capture during interviews and the dashed off quotes we can get together throughout the day. Then we’ll retire to a nearby hotel and maybe make some videos of the talk or just transcribe more and churn out a few articles...

If you’re in attendance, enjoy yourself, but if not we’ll do what we can to keep you up to date on what everyone has to say when the team gets back together in the nation’s capital. Some are new fathers, some players just got married. Should be an interesting weekend in Washington...