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Washington Nationals introduced new alternate jersey at WinterFest

Blue bases are so hot right now...

C/o @MarkZuckerman on Twitter:

The Nationals introduced a new set of alternate uniforms on Saturday morning, in what seems to have become a WinterFest tradition.

The uniforms, with a blue base, a script “Nationals” in white, and red and white piping, have been mentioned as potential one-offs for the 2018 All-Star season, in the same way the San Diego Padres wore a new home uniform for their 2016 All-Star Season.

This will be the first time since the 2010 season, barring 2017’s Players’ Weekend, that the team has incorporated a “Nationals” wordmark on the front of a uniform.

Last year, at nearly the exact same time, the team introduced new patriotic white uniforms for the 2017 season.

The team has not specified when they will wear the new threads; in the past, the team has worn its traditional home whites on weekdays at home, its traditional road grays on weekdays while away, its red alternate uniforms on weekends, and its blue patriotic uniforms when the occasion called for it.

However, since the 2016 season or so, the team seems to have given up on a regular uniform schedule, and, barring wearing its road grays at home or its home whites while on the road, has begun wearing its patriotic and red uniforms with varying levels of consistency.