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Wire Taps: Anthony Rendon open to extension; Stephen Strasburg may skip future ASGs; NY/LA in play for Bryce Harper...

Catch up on the weekend that was in Nationals news. All the links that were fit to link, all in one place...

MLB: Washington Nationals-Press Conference Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Winterfest is over. The Nats still need another starting pitcher. The Nats still could use a few more relievers. They will come. We hope.

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Anthony Rendon is open to contract extension talks with Nats
Rendon: "Why not stay with one organization?" He also noted that he hired Scott Boras to help him with this sort of thing, and he was going to leave the details to him.

Stephen Strasburg blames ASG for landing him on DL
Stephen Strasburg thinks that the All-Star Game ruined his rhythm, and put him in a place vulnerable to injury. So, even though the game is in D.C. next year, Strasburg doesn't think he'll be partaking.

With the Dodgers and the Yankees under the luxury tax line, Bryce Harper is fair game
The Yankees have Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, but they also have monetary room to work with. So they can go after Bryce Harper. The Dodgers just got rid of Adrian Gonzalez's albatross contract. So they can go after Bryce. Getting the point?

Matt Wieters trying to cut weight, still wants to play 130 games
Matt Wieters had... a rough season. He thinks starting the year weighing less will be the key to a better year in 2018.

Rendon open to extension with Nats
Anthony Rendon has been much more clear with the media than Bryce Harper has ever been regarding a potential extension: He's game.

Taking a look at the Nationals organization in the comments
Minor League Ball wants you to talk Nats. Go.