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Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper drops first puck at Capitals-Vegas game, Capitals are demolished

The game... did not go well for the D.C. team

C/o @GoldenKnights on Twitter:

Nationals star Bryce Harper was on hand for the (surprisingly decent) Vegas Golden Knights versus (unsurprisingly mediocre, because it’s D.C.) Washington Capitals game Saturday night, and had the honor of throwing out the first pitch dropping the first puck, whatever that means.

Harper, wearing a Vegas Golden Knights jersey with Alex Tuch (no idea who that is) on the back, and a cap with a W of sorts that appears to be from the Caps’ 2015 Winter Classic game at Nationals Park, remained mainly neutral (though Harper couldn’t be blamed for being more of a Knights fan than he is Caps fan).

Russian Machine Never Breaks, the premier source for Caps info next to SB Nation’s own Japers’ Rink, approved of the style.

Overall, Harper kept neutral, even on his Instagram story that night, which began with a shoutout to Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby, and ended with a celebratory post for Vegas’ win.

C/o @BHarper3407 on Instagram Stories
C/o @BHarper3407 on Instagram Stories

The GIF of the puck-dropping is below:

Anyways: Tuch essentially opened up the game with a goal for Vegas, who went on to blank Washington 3-0, because that is how D.C. sports work.