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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals going all in; Top 20 prospects; Nats handling Robles correctly

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news so you can impress your friends at your holiday dinner/gathering...

MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and Merry Christmas! Chug your eggnog, throw that mug out the window, let the fire grow and grow without worrying about it, jump on top of the Christmas Tree, add to the growing enthalpy of planet earth in some form, and then kick back, relax, and enjoy some frosty Wire Taps!

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol.

The NL could suffer if the Nats go all-in on Bryce Harper's potential final season in D.C.
What if the Lerners threw caution to the wind, went all in this January on Boras clients, and got Jake Arietta, Wade Davis, or both? That could complicate things for anyone hoping to win the NL pennant or Bryce Harper's services.

The top 20 Nats prospects for 2018
The Nats have three very promising prospects at the top of their system in Victor Robles, Juan Soto, and Carter Kieboom, but the system isn't as top-heavy as it seems.

The Nats are handling Victor Robles perfectly
Heading into the new year, Victor Robles *could* pick up where he left off in 2017 and start in the Majors. But the Nats think he needs more seasoning in the minors, and will start him in Triple-A. I.e., the right choice!

Other NL East Tidbits

Mets listening on Juan Lagares
The Mets want to cut payroll, and Juan Lagares--whose value has been severely diminished by previous injuries--is apparently up for grabs.

Other Marlins bidders had very different plans for the team
One Miami businessman noted that if he had won the bidding, he would have kept Stanton, raised the payroll, and simply fired the GM.