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Wire Taps: Healthy Trea Turner would be great for Nationals; Sean Doolittle talks “Jedi”; Adam Eaton ready to go...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we all wait for some sort of news to snap us out of the winter doldrums...

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t remember who said this, but apparently, when it comes to free-agent signings, January is the new December, which means that hopefully, we’ll see some activity soon.


Here’s the news from D.C.:

The biggest acquisition the Nats could make? A healthy Trea Turner
If Trea Turner comes back healthy, finds his old stroke, and really recaptures what made him so electrifying in 2016 -- and is able to stay healthy for a full season -- then the Nats' offense could be completely changed.

Adam Eaton is healed and ready to play
Adam Eaton's time in center is over (thanks, MAT), but he thinks that a healthy season in left could be the best of his career.

Sean Doolittle talks "The Last Jedi"

Wander Suero could make an impact come 2018
Wander Suero doesn't seem like he should be performing this well -- he's on the older side for a prospect and isn't even in the Nats' top 30 -- but he could very well crack the big league squad this March.

Goodwin fully healthy after groin strain slowed end of 2017
Brian Goodwin nearly secured a spot on the major league roster last season, but groin problems ultimately kept him from becoming a true regular. This year, he thinks that he's healthy and ready to go.

Looking for a Match in a J.T. Realmuto Trade
The Nats are the most obvious trade partner, and have minor leaguers without obvious paths to the Majors. Will the Nats be able to part with them for a very good -- but not great -- catcher, a player at a position where they're already paying top dollar?

Looking Back at “All-Star Baseball’s” Ballpark Prognostications
"D.C. stadium was, of course, the future stadium for a team in the nation's capital. At the time, major league baseball didn’t have a team in Washington, but rumors had circulated about the Montreal Expos moving there. The stadium itself had a right-field wall that was only 307 feet down the line, but it had a brick wall covered in ivy that was as tall as the Green Monster in Fenway Park. "