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Bryce Harper wants a new jersey for the Washington Nationals

Who else would ask for it?

MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Nationals superstar outfielder Bryce Harper may be destined for New York or San Francisco, but he’s not out of Washington yet — and when it comes to fashion choices, you can be sure he’s still paying attention, even if it’s not even the Nats.

The Washington Wizards unveiled new uniforms on Wednesday morning as a part of new supplier Nike’s effort to introduce a “City Edition” uniform for each NBA team, and Harper really liked the look.

The description of the uniform, per Nike:

The Wizards City Edition uniform features a marble pattern on the side panels and a beveled effect on the numbers that resemble iconic Washington D.C. monuments. Its wordmark, "The District," honors a local moniker for the city.

Yeah, they’re pretty cool.

Harper liked them so much that he started wondering: Why don’t the Nationals have similar uniforms that say “The District (of Columbia)” on them?

To be fair: The Nats did just introduce truly new uniforms for the first time in a while, which are blue with a script “Nationals” on the front — it’s unclear if they’ll remain past the 2018 All-Star season, but it’s unlikely that the Nats would introduce two new uniforms in a season.

With that said: If Harper remains past 2018, it certainly wouldn’t be impossible for the Nats to add a “District” uniform to their rotation.

Maybe they can even guarantee a new uni in Harper’s new contract. Hopefully.