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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ needs as Winter Meetings approach; A.J. Cole’s future role?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as we wait for the start of the Winter Meetings when the entire baseball world will explode with trades and signings and all we’ve been waiting for the last few months...

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Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Awfully quiet out there this Hot Stove season, but things are sure to heat up (or some other stove-related metaphor) in the next couple days with the Winter Meetings about to start on Sunday. Surely the Nationals will jump right in next week, and surely we’ll see General Manager Mike Rizzo solve all the Nats’ needs and then we can all take the rest of the winter off and prepare for the third straight NL East division title in the nation’s capital and the inevitable postseason victory that is just bound to happen one of these days if the Nationals keep making it to the NLDS.

Granted, yes, they’ve been there four ties now with nothing but heartbreak (and some great memories, admittedly) to show for it, but this time it will be different... right?

Are you one of those fans who now waits for the postseason to get interested (there seems to be a lot of you now), or do you still find joy in the regular season (I still do) and think of the postseason as a crapshoot where things can go either way?

And when, may I ask, will MLB finally do the right thing and make all postseason series seven games? #controversialstance That’s all we have for this morning. Read the links now...


Where does A.J. Cole fit in the Nationals’ plans?
"A.J. Cole, once a prized prospect whose shine wore off over the previous two seasons, impressed Nationals decision-makers when given the opportunity in 2017."

Pitching won't come cheap for Nationals this winter
"The Nationals know they need to acquire multiple pitchers this winter in hope of filling several holes vacated by departing free agents."

No. 3 Nats prospect: Erick Fedde
"'The biggest thing with Fedde this year is the development of his changeup,' Collazo said. 'I know before this season, he was kind of a fastball/slider guy, two plus pitches right there.'"

Nationals look for depth at Winter Meetings
"Even though the Nationals do not seem poised for the biggest headline-grabbing move of the week, they would like to begin kicking this quiet offseason into gear."

Jayson Werth Returns to D.C. for a Very Different Job
"Jayson Werth the baseball player might be entering hot stove season, but that doesn’t detract from the responsibilities for Jayson Werth the organic farmer."


Aaron Boone, new Yankees manager, won the hearts of New York
"The Nationals, when Boone retired as a player, actually approached him themselves, but as a potential farm director. Even though Rizzo has hired six managers in the last 10 years, and Boone’s father, Bob, is a special assistant in the organization, never once interviewed Boone for a managerial gig."

Tigers GM defends signing Derek Norris
"Tigers general manager Al Avila expected the questions and he stood his ground Wednesday when asked about the signing of veteran catcher Derek Norris..."


Angels, Phillies, Royals sign ex-Braves prospects
"Twelve Braves prospects were freed from their contracts and are able to sign with new clubs, while also keeping their original bonuses."

Latest Rumors On Giancarlo Stanton, Shohei Ohtani And More Ahead Of MLB Winter Meetings
"Stanton continues to play a very boring game of chicken with his current team, the Miami Marlins."

MLB hot stove: Free agents at every position for the Mets
"So, while the baseball world waits on Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton (looking at you, San Francisco), let's have some fun and play armchair general manager by targeting a free agent at every position that could help the Mets."

A trio of names for the final vacancy on the Phillies coaching staff
"What we do know about the composition of Kapler’s coaching staff is that there are at least a couple of folks, like Kapler, that have a lack of major league coaching experience, and that it’s full of a lot of outsiders, too."