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Watch Nationals’ skipper Dusty Baker open 25-year-old baseball cards

Dusty Baker joined Big League Stew’s Mike Oz for the latest edition of “Opening 25-Year-Old Baseball Cards

Screencap via Mike Oz/Yahoo! League Stew

When the Washington Nationals welcomed Minnesota to the nation’s capital in April, Nats’ skipper Dusty Baker described Twins’ manager Paul Molitor as, “one of the best hitters of all time.” Baker got a Molitor card in his pack when he played “Opening 25-year-old baseball cards” with Big League Stew’s Mike Oz in a video that was posted on Wednesday night.

Molitor was featured along with Brett Butler on a Fleet ‘92 Super Star Specials Card which dubbed the two “The Ignitors”.

“Ah, Brett Butler and Paul Molitor, two of my favorites,” Baker said. “Paul Molitor, man, this guy had the quietest stroke. And then brett butler ended up playing for me later on and he was my center fielder with the Giants.”

Baker also did his impersonation of Denny Neagle doing some Michael Winslow-level sound effects. It’s well worth a watch.

If you haven’t seen Oz’s videos before, Yahoo!’s writer, as the title suggests, opens up 25-year-old baseball cards with a variety of baseball personalities like Baker and Buck Showalter, Clayton Kershaw, Bruce Bochy and others to gets their reactions when they see players from the past.

Baker, Oz notes, “... had something to say about everyone — including the pitcher he and his team nearly brawled with.”

He also filmed a previous video with new Nationals’ outfielder Adam Eaton when Eaton was with the White Sox last season, if you want to check that one out too:

Odd Note: Both Baker and Eaton mention that they used cards in their bike spokes as kids to get that motorbike sound from their bicycles. They should get along great this season.