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FBB FanPost Friday: Who is the Nationals’ next closer?

Will Shawn Kelley take over the ninth? Is Blake Treinen ready? Will Koda Glover continue his meteoric rise? Who will end up being the Nationals’ next closer?

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 2 of our latest attempt to get the FanPost section at Federal Baseball more active than it is (Week 1... did not go so well).

But we’re continuing our attempt to join in on a trending idea across the SB Nation’s baseball’s sites:

FanPost Fridays! (Why is no one cheering?)

Each Friday throughout the season (hopefully/we’ll try), we will be posting a topic for consideration and closing the comments on the story to encourage readers to offer their own take in the FanPosts section instead of the comments section.

The FanPost section, if you are unaware, is located on the right sidebar of the front page of Federal Baseball:

We also collect quality FanPosts in the FBB FanPost section, which is located just under the top five stories on the front page:

Whichever FanPost generates the most comments and recs over the weekend will be shared on the front page, in the Top 5 stories each Monday.

We’ll also share those stories on our Twitter feed (7300+ followers) and our Facebook page (18K+ followers) to get your work in front of as many eyes as possible.

It’s a great opportunity to get your work in front of a wider audience and share your own thoughts on the big topics of the day.

This week’s topic for consideration?:

Who’s going to end up being the Nationals’ closer?

Will Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo surprise us all and swing a last-minute trade for a closer?

Will it be one of the in-house options?

I keep reading stories that claim Shawn Kelley is the front-runner for the ninth-inning gig, in spite of the fact that he’s had two Tommy John surgeries and in spite of the fact that the Nationals handled him carefully last season?

Will they go all in with the veteran right-hander as their closer?

Will sinker-balling right-hander Blake Treinen take the next step in his evolution as a reliever and become the Nationals’ closer?

Will the young upstart Koda Glover continue his meteoric rise from 2015 8th Round pick to major league closer after blowing through the Nationals’ minor league system and making his major league debut last season?

What about Sammy Solis? Could the lefty become a closer? Will Joe Nathan shock the world and reclaim some of his past glory? Do you have a dark horse candidate?

Who’s your pick? Make your case/argument in a FanPost and convince your fellow readers that your choice is the right one.

Note: As previously mentioned, the comments below are closed to encourage you to write FanPosts.