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Wire Taps: Dusty Baker hopes this year won't be his last; Nationals won't do closer by committee; New facility impressive, but...

All the Nats news, links and more from their first day ever in West Palm Beach.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Training is here! As you read this, look outside your window at the bitter winter... and just know, that somewhere in West Palm Beach, Max Scherzer is enjoying the warm weather and throwing baseballs.

Here's what's new in West Palm Beach.

Baker, in what he hopes won't be his last Spring Training, is already enjoying new facility
Dusty Baker hopes to manage beyond 2017... but if, for some reason, the Nats let his contract expire after 2017, he'll have experienced a pretty nice Spring Training.

Dusty Baker prefers not to do closer by committee
The Nats don't have a true bonafide closer heading into Spring Training... but Dusty Baker says someone will have the job title by the end of March.

Which Nat should be your valentine?
Joe Ross' blinding smile? Shawn Kelley's horse costume? Stephen Strasburg's commitment to... er... commitment? As long as he's on the 25-man roster, you just can't go wrong.

The Nats' new spring facility impresses, but still has work to be done
The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is a significant upgrade over Space Coast Stadium in Viera, but the stadium is still a bit of a work in progress.

Adam Lind: Is he better than Clint Robinson? (And other vital questions)
You may have never heard of Adam Lind until two days ago, when the Nats signed him. Here's a rundown of what to expect from the Nationals' new bench player:

The Nats' offseason in review: Adam Eaton makes sense... not doing anything about the bullpen doesn't
The Nats had a decent offseason, according to SI. Or rather: it was passable... barely.

Days until Opening Day: 46