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Wire Taps: Bryce Harper likes 'what have you done for me lately'; Adam Eaton still has chip on his shoulder; What should Nats lineup look like?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as Spring Training really gets going this week and we get closer to actual games...

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Happy President's Day! Instead of going mattress shopping or car shopping or whatever, spend your day watching this.

Now that you're in a patriotic mood, enjoy some extremely American Wire Taps from West Palm Beach.

Bryce Harper (thankfully) likes the 'what have you done for me lately' mindset
The 2015 MVP suddenly has to re-prove himself after a dreadful 2016 campaign, and he's excited to get back to work (now knowing what he did wrong last year, apparently.)

Ryan Zimmerman knows the deal for this season: Adapt or die
Ryan Zimmerman is taking a new angle--literally--on hitting this season. (He's also working on being less patient, oddly.)

Stephen Strasburg spent the offseason distance running
Stephen Strasburg didn't undergo surgery this offseason, but instead spent it running -- and apparently feels great.

Jayson Werth thinks his Nats legacy will rest on postseason success
Jayson Werth will likely hang up his Nats uniform this offseason and move on... but in what looks to be his last season with the club, Werth hopes the Nats can make a true postseason run (read: past the NLDS).

Adam Eaton still playing with a chip on his shoulder
Eaton knows lots of people weren't exactly happy with the return the Nats had to give up to acquire him... but he also knows that people have been underestimating him his entire life, and he expects to continue surprising people in Washington, D.C.

What does the Adam Lind signing mean for Ryan Zimmerman?
Ryan Zimmerman is still the Nats' starting first baseman, but how hard will he have to fight to keep his job?

What should the Nats' lineup look like this season?
Eaton first? Trea Turner first? Werth second? Dusty Baker has a lot of choices to make...

Joe Ross working on rooting out bad habits
Joe Ross' main goal for 2017 is to stay healthy, and cutting out a few problematic motions in his throwing routine may help him on that front.

Bryce Harper is over his rough 2016 campaign
Bryce Harper is done with questions about Joe Maddon's strategy against him, and he's done with questions about what went wrong. Instead, he's looking ahead to the 2017 season with the goal of playing a whole lot of games in mind.

Dusty Baker hoping for playoff consistency
For the last five years, the Nats have had an odd string of making, and then not making, the playoffs in consecutive years -- but Dusty Baker hopes that will change this season with another return to the postseason.

Daniel Murphy spent his offseason strengthening his lower body and hanging with Tim Tebow
Murphy also discussed launch angles with Ryan Zimmerman, held a clinic at a local high school, and, ironically, didn't spend as much time hitting.

Days until Opening Day: 42