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Wire Taps: Dusty Baker confident about extension; Nationals have potential to score significantly more runs than last year; Enny Romero's command

It's time for links. We scoured the internet to find all the Nationals-related links we could find to keep you up to date on the latest news from Spring Training

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If you're not spending the whole day following Spring Training on Twitter, we can't be friends. But that doesn't mean that we can't share links with one another. Here you go. Get caught up.

The news out of West Palm Beach, FL:

Dusty Baker confident that he'll work out extension with the Nats
Baker's contract expires on the last day of the season, making him a lame-duck manager -- but he's confident that the Nats and his camp will work out something in time.

Just because Ryan Zimmerman has a new approach doesn't mean he'll succeed
Ryan Zimmerman is looking to change his launch angle and be less patient -- but that may not solve his struggles.

Boswell: This Nats' lineup should be their highest scoring in years
If the Nats can stay mainly healthy, and if players can perform to the extent that their past performance has shown they likely will, then Eaton, Turner, Murphy, Harper, Rendon, and Werth will get on base enough to produce more runs than D.C. has seen in a long, long time.

Joe Nathan confident he can make a comeback
Joe Nathan, who the Nats acquired on a minor-league deal with an invite to major-league spring training, still thinks he can contribute to the Nats bullpen.

To make the roster, Enny Romero will need to find his command
Romero has the stuff--the lefty averaged 96.1 mph on his fastball last season--but hasn't displayed the necessary amount of control to make himself a useful asset in the Nats' bullpen.

Gio Gonzalez enjoying camp close to home
Gio Gonzalez, a native of Hialeah (a suburb of Miami), now only works an hour away (in West Palm Beach) from home. Kind of an ideal set up, especially for someone who's hoping to participate in the All Star Game even closer to his house this July at Marlins Park.