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Nationals Spring Training 2017: Top 10 Photos from Nats’ Picture Day

We continue our yearly tradition of politely mocking the Washington Nationals after their “Picture Day” photos become available...

Photos © Steve Mitchell USA TODAY Sports

It’s that day of the (not-yet) Spring! It’s Washington Nationals Photo Day! The day we get to sort through dozens of pics looking for the best pictures of your favorite Nats. Get used to these images, you’ll be seeing them all year. Unfortunately, for some of us, there won’t be any Danny Espinosa beard pics this Spring, but there are plenty of contenders for this year’s best beard pic. And there are plenty of other nice pics taken by USA TODAY’s Steve Mitchell.

You can vote in the comments section for your favorite Picture Day portrait.

[ed. note - “All images below are © Steve Mitchell and USA TODAY SPORTS.”]

10. Bryce Harper knows why he struggled last season... He’s not going to tell you, so stop asking:

9. Jayson Werth hair? Check. Beard. Check. Eat your face off glare? Check:

8 .Derek Norris, folks. He’s available... reportedly, for teams looking for catching:

7. Name Those Nationals’ Prospects (Can you name all three of these Nats):




[ed. note - “A. Drew Ward; B. Matt Skole; C. Andrew Stevenson.”]

6. They managed to slow Trea Turner down long enough to capture this image:

5. It was a close race, but Brian Goodwin took this year’s “Best Beard” award:

4. Austin Voth is very proud of his levitating ball trick:

3. Looks like Anthony Rendon is going the full Kenny Powers Season 1 this Spring:

2. This Gio Gonzalez photo was captured using “portrait mode” on an iPhone 7S (OK, not really):

1. This guy’s nickname is “Mad Dog”, but he looks pretty friendly:

So which is your favorite? Pick your favorite pic in the comments section below...