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FBB’s FanPost Friday: What’s next for Nationals after Matt Wieters joins Nats?

Matt Wieters is a National now. What’s next for the Nats after they added the veteran backstop? Will they trade a catcher? Which one?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 3 or 4 (we forgot last week) of our latest attempt to get the FanPost section at Federal Baseball more active than it is (Weeks 1-2... did not go so well).

But we’re continuing undeterred in our attempt to join in on a trending idea across the SB Nation’s baseball’s sites:

FanPost Fridays! (Still no one cheering?)

Each Friday throughout the season (hopefully/we’ll try/we promise), we will post a topic for your consideration and close the comments on the story to encourage readers to offer their own take in the FanPosts section instead of the comments section.

The FanPost section, if you remain unaware, is located on the right sidebar of the front page of Federal Baseball (Here’s a helpful pic of said section):

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This week’s topic for consideration?:

What’s next after the Nationals signed Matt Wieters?

Wieters was introduced to the D.C. press corps this morning in West Palm Beach, FL.

Now that his deal is official, what’s next for the Nationals?

They’ve hinted that they might trade Derek Norris, though one veteran columnist (WaPost writer Thomas Boswell) has suggested that Norris and Wieters sharing the catching duties might be a better plan.

[ed. note - “We kind of agree with this, plus, what if Wieters struggles/is injured, would you rather have Norris around to start every day as opposed to Jose Lobaton or Pedro Severino?”]

If the Nationals are still going to trade for a closer (in spite of GM Mike Rizzo talking about the ninth-inning arm coming from an in-house battle for the spot) are you fine with trading top backstop prospect Pedro Severino (who’s been referred to previously as the catcher of the future by Rizzo)?

As some commenters have noted, Severino is definitely a sell-high candidate right now.

He’s well-regarded as a defensive backstop, but his bat has never quiet matched his glove. Last season, however, he showed promise on offense at Triple-A and in a short stint in the majors.

Do you think Severino would be enough to bring back a closer? (I don’t think so, but this is about your opinion).

Do you trade Norris (the Nationals dealt an A-ball prospect to get him, so do you think he’d really bring a closer back)? Trade Jose Lobaton?

Play GM for a while and write up your thoughts: FBB’s FANPOST FRIDAY! EMBRACE IT!!!!