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Wire Taps: Dusty Baker won't necessarily put Adam Eaton/Trea Turner 1-2; Tanner Roark starts for Team USA March 11; Bryce Harper could be fantasy bust again

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the Nats open their new Spring home with a matchup against the Astros at 1:05 PM EST.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today, for the first time ever, the Washington Nationals will play a home spring training game outside of Viera, Florida.

The appropriate comparison is probably the following: if the opening of Nationals Park was the team moving into a mansion, the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is the vacation home (well, timeshare, given the stake the Astros own in it) and fancy car to go with it.

To celebrate, here's the beat from South Capitol.

Dusty Baker isn't convinced that Trea Turner and Adam Eaton have to hit 1-2
Putting Turner and Eaton back to back could create a lefty logjam, so Baker is experimenting with putting the duo in different places around the lineup.

Daniel Murphy on why Tim Tebow can make it in baseball: "Power pays"
Murphy thinks that Tebow's power could translate into a major league deal at some point later on -- if the former quarterback can refine his swing.

Rosenthal's notes: Nats interested in signing Angel Pagan to minor league deal
The former Giants' outfielder is still without a home, but the Nats may be joining the race to acquire Pagan.

Tanner Roark to start for Team USA March 11 against Dominican Republic
Roark threw three scoreless innings against the Cardinals on Monday, and will make his first--and only--start for team USA against the Dominican Republic at Marlins Park on March 11th.

Bryce Harper could prove to be a fantasy bust two years running
Harper had a historic season, and then a down year -- and typically, players who have that type of down year don't come back up to that level again, so keep your expectations low.

Space Coast stadium and surrounding facilities are now empty and boarded up
There's a metaphor in here, we swear. Until we figure it out, though: remember that relocation always comes with a cost.

Baker, half a century later, returns to baseball roots
Baker played his first several springs in West Palm Beach with the Atlanta Braves, when the civil rights act was still new. More than 40 years since his last spring in West Palm, he returns with the Nationals (and won't be flipping over any pool tables).

Boswell: Despite question marks, Nats can win it all
Despite what last year's Chicago Cubs may have led you to believe, the best team in baseball isn't always the one that wins the World Series -- but luck and chemistry can carry a team a long, long way.

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches (finally) ready to open
Everything is ready -- or, at least, as ready as it will ever be -- to go for tomorrow's game between the Nats and the Astros.

Chris Speier thinks Turner can handle short
Chris Speier, the Nats' bench coach, is familiar with making errors, and doesn't think Trea Turner will be immune to them in his first full season at short -- but nonetheless, has the young star's back.

Today's Game: Astros vs Nationals -- 1:05 PM (MASN, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Mike Fiers (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs Jeremy Guthrie (0-0, 9.00 ERA)
Days until Opening Day: 35