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World Baseball Classic 2017 GameThread: USA vs Canada...

Team USA (1-1) and Canada (0-2) meet up in WBC action tonight in Marlins Park with Danny Duffy on the hill for the U.S. and Ryan Dempster throwing for Canadians at 7:00 PM on the MLB Network.

Baseball: World Baseball Classic-USA  at Dominican Republic Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After blowing a 5-0 lead and suffering a disappointing loss to the Dominican Republic last night in Miami, FL, Team U.S.A tries to rebound in their third game of the World Baseball Classic when they take on Canada tonight.

U.S. skipper Jim Leyland talked after the 7-5 loss to the DR about needing to come right back with a solid effort.

“I don't want anybody down,” Leyland said. “We battled our tail off tonight, and we'll battle our tail off tomorrow. Good teams go about their business.

“We lost a tough game, you go about your business. I don't expect anybody with their head down. That's what bad teams do. Good teams know they're going to win a game tomorrow, hopefully, and they go about their business.

“So we got to come out and win a game tomorrow. We know that, they know that. But I don't want anybody sitting around feeling bad about it. It was a tough game, we had a shot.”

Canada has veteran right-hander/MLB Network analyst Ryan Dempster going tonight, in his one-off return to baseball in the WBC, against Royals’ left-hander Danny Duffy in the 7:00 PM matchup in Miami’s Marlins’ Park.

Unfortunately, for fans of the Washington Nationals at least, there is no Daniel Murphy in the lineup for the second straight night after he went 0 for 4 in the USA’s WBC game this past Friday night.

No word on whether it’s an issue with Murphy or Jim Leyland’s decision to keep the 2016 NL MVP runner up on the bench.

Here’s the lineup that will take on Canada tonight at 7:00 PM EDT:

FOLLOW: Tonight’s game is available on the MLB Network and at 7:00 PM EDT from Miami.