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Nationals’ catcher Spencer Kieboom and Co.’s baking escapades: Week 2

This time, there’s a video!

MLB: Washington Nationals-Workouts Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Spencer and Carter Kieboom, as well as relief prospect John Simms and the elder Kieboom’s fiance, Christa, made their first trek into Spring Training baking with an apple pie streusel.

This past Monday, the trio continued their baking habit addiction by baking chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with Heath bar.

However, the excitement isn’t in the finished product; instead, it is in Spencer Kieboom’s efforts to document the trio’s baking process.

Kieboom’s first GIF shows his brother Carter with the ingredients, ready to bake.

Spencer added a new wrinkle to the baking process this week: a live Periscope video in which you can see the group baking away.

We also learn a few things about everyone involved:

  • John Simms worked at a donut shop this offseason
  • The AirBNB where everybody is living doesn’t have measuring cups or anything that could even remotely represent a measuring cup, so beach shovels were the instrument of choice on that front.
  • Carter Kieboom’s live-streaming network of choice is Instagram, not Twitter/Periscope.

Save the next GIF for your “Nats players—they’re just like you and me” collection:

Finally, the finished product:

Next week, the baking squad is hoping for more of a challenge (notwithstanding the current challenge of using beach shovels as baking utensils).