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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer likely not Nationals' Opening Day starter; Jayson Werth as emergency catcher?

The World Baseball Classic is over. Opening Day is fast approaching. Get up to date on all things Nationals before the start of the 2017 campaign...

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Yet again, these Wire Taps are being written at a time before the end of the WBC -- the score is currently 7-0 in favor of the U.S. in the seventh inning, and I don't really know what's going to happen yet. So, yet again, here are a few intros to pick from...

If Puerto Rico comes back: I guess it just wasn't destiny for the U.S. to win the WBC, blah, blah, blah, when can we have Daniel Murphy back?

If the U.S. wins: Okay, so that wasn't a complete waste of Daniel Murphy's time.

If the U.S. wins and completes a no-hitter: Whoa.

Yet again, we still have links, so let's take a look.

Max Scherzer says injury 'is behind him'
Scherzer took the mound with a three-fingered fastball grip for much of the previous 30 days. But, Scherzer's finger isn't hurting him anymore, so Mad Max is back to his two-fingered grip.

Tanner Roark leads Team USA to victory against Japan
Tanner Roark threw four scoreless innings in what he called the 'most important start of his career'.

Max Scherzer tabbed as no. 3 starter for beginning of season
Dusty Baker has his rotation relatively set, and in that rotation, Max Scherzer pitches third, if for no reason other than that's how the days are going to line up.

Do the Nats actually need a long man?
The Nats have a few mediocre options for a long man, and a bunch of guys who could throw nasty stuff in later innings. Which will they choose?

Okay, this time with feeling: Do the Nats need a long man?
This hot-button issue actually has two articles written about it! Based on last year, the answer to the above is no. Based on Yusmeiro Petit's lone start, the answer may be something different.

Jayson Werth, third catcher?
Chris Heisey is the realistic emergency catcher if both Jose Lobaton and Matt Wieters can't play. However, Jayson Werth was originally a catcher and may be able to take on the challenge.

Shawn Kelley is the obvious choice for closer
Shawn Kelley's numbers are there, and everyone else has a fatal flaw. Plus, if Kelley has one specific purpose, his innings can be limited to around (or fewer than) what he's historically pitched.

Scherzer looked like old self in Spring Training game
Max Scherzer made his Grapefruit League debut on Wednesday, throwing 4 and 2/3 innings, and allowing two runs on five hits.

Scherzer not on track for Opening Day
Dusty Baker told the press that Max Scherzer likely will not get the ball on Opening Day; instead, he'll probably get the ball for the Nats' third game.

With Max Scherzer back in action, the Nats look as dangerous as ever
Scherzer's good health is a step in the right direction if the Nats want to make the playoffs in consecutive years for the first time in franchise history -- and maybe, with a healthy rotation, the Nats could also win a playoff series.

Will Koda Glover be named the closer for the Nats?
If you're looking for a fantasy closer, it's beginning to look like taking Koda Glover is a legitimate option.

Today's Game: Mets vs Nationals -- 1:05 PM
Probable Pitchers: Robert Gsellman (1-1, 2.25 ERA) vs Erick Fedde (1-0, 5.29 ERA)
Days until Opening Day: 11