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Renaming Nationals Park: Washington Nationals fans on Twitter suggest new names..

The naming rights are up for grabs, and Twitter’s best minds are here to help.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, news of a new premier seating section at Nationals Park came out, and Talk Nats noted that the box could be tied to MGM Casinos (who just opened up a new location at National Harbor).

However, there was more news in that post; apparently, the Nats are close to making a deal to sign away the naming rights to Nationals Park, something that has been in the works for over a year now.

With the deal apparently being close to done, we wanted some ideas and predictions from our friends on Twitter. Here’s the best of what we could find:

This idea that reminds us of one of the reasons the Nats need this extra revenue stream

This extremely clever idea that will particularly excite the outdoorsy-types among us

This idea that is not political at all, no sir, no politics here whatsoever, #STICKTOSPORTS

This idea to bolster the business of other D.C. sports teams

This practical, Bryce Harper themed idea

This idea that will excite any of us who have always wanted that elusive Trea Turner/Elsa (from Frozen) bobblehead

Have any more ideas as to what the home of the Nats should be called? Feel free to drop a comment below or tweet us at @federalbaseball.