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Here’s what’s new at Nationals Park for 2017

Despite a brand new ballpark down south, the Nats have still made plenty of additions to their D.C. outpost.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is rapidly approaching -- in fact, in fewer than five days, 40,000+ fans will pour into Nationals Park to see their beloved Nats take on the Marlins.

Even more imminent is the Nationals’ exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox this upcoming Friday, when fans will get their first look at the ballpark before things get going in earnest.

But, before the fans and players arrive for the season, the Nats have made a few changes and additions to the now nine years old (yikes!) ballpark, which they showed off to members of the media on Tuesday.

Food-related news:

  • A “See You Tater” stand with tots, wings, and more (as well as a few more beer options):
  • An new location for “On Rye” available to everyone (not just club-level goers), with more sweet treats (!!):
  • A few new alcohol options, including Earned Run Ale from Devil’s Backbone, a Virginia-based craft brewery purchased by Anheuser-Busch, the Nats’ official alcohol provider. The new ale is exclusively found at Nationals Park in a new concessions stand in Section 301, and has a low alcohol content (4.2% ABV).
  • Additionally, the Nats will add alcoholic seltzer (SpikedSeltzer) all around the ballpark.

Earned Run Ale, the Devils Backbone exclusive beer, is a summery, quaffable 4.2% pale ale.

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Promo-related news

  • Bobbleheads, bobbleheads, bobbleheads!

(The Nats will also have Daniel Murphy and Trea Turner bobbleheads this season)

  • Other promo-y items will include a fedora, a Magic-8 ball, and more.
  • Game of Thrones night will also occur on June 23rd, for those who are wondering (looking at you, Jayson Werth).
  • More college nights and more college caps:

General ballpark-related additions

  • The new sunken seats will be called the MGM National Harbor Dugout Club. There are eight seats, and are only available through MGM, not the Nats.
  • The Nats have apparently upped their WiFi connections in the park (thank goodness) and have redone their app (thank goodness?)
  • The Nats team store will be adding a cap-customization station. New and old caps are eligible.
  • This thing, whatever it is.
  • It looks like the Nats still have to make a few changes to the ballpark anyways.

A very, very big shoutout to the Washington Post’s Scott Allen, whose vigilant tweeting made this article very easy to write.