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Wire Taps: Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer keys to Nationals' success; Dusty Baker in it for long haul

It's almost time for games that count, so get all caught up on the latest Nationals news before today's 12:05 PM EDT game against the St. Louis Cardinals. It's audio only later today. For now, links...

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The Nationals have two Grapefruit League games left as of today, which will be started by Stephen Strasburg and then Joe Ross. Does this have any implications on where Ross will be in the rotation, or are we just making a mountain out of a molehill?

While we debate, enjoy the second-to-last set of Spring Training links.

If Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg are successful, the Nats are successful
The two aces are the biggest keys to the Nats' success -- when they go, the Nats go -- so it follows that the Nats paid them absurd amounts of money. The only problem is that sometimes, one of the two doesn't exactly perform to the best of his capabilities.

Despite being in the last year of his contract, Dusty Baker is in it for the long haul
Dusty Baker is in his final managing gig, and isn't just here for the goodbye tour -- he wants to win it all.

Clint Robinson, after being waived by Nats, departs to lots of hugs and goodbyes
The writing was on the wall for Clint Robinson when the team signed Adam Lind to be the new backup first baseman. However, nothing was official until yesterday, when the team parted ways with Robinson (at least for now). Needless to say, it got a little emotional.

Adam Eaton: Turner and I would be 'deadly combination' at top of lineup
Adam Eaton thinks that he would do well paired with the Nats' young shortstop at the top of the lineup.

Who is the Nats' most important player?
Is it Bryce Harper? Or is it perhaps Bryce Harper? Maybe Bryce Harper could make a case for the position, but we all really know it's Bryce Harper.

Kind of sort of former Nats: Norris to the Rays made sense
Norris is good, okay? Okay.

Clayton Kershaw is a unicorn, but the Nats have two thoroughbreds at the top of their rotation
Nobody, at least in this generation of players, will ever surpass Clayton Kershaw. The Nats don't care, though--they have a one-two punch in Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer that's better than any unicorn out there.

Today's Game: Nationals vs Cardinals -- 12:05 PM 
Probable Pitchers: Stephen Strasburg (1-1, 7.30 ERA) vs Michael Wacha (3-0, 2.05 ERA)
Days until Opening Day: 5