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Wire Taps: Shortstop not new to Trea Turner; Nationals' deferral strategy leaves questions; Is that 2015 Bryce Harper?

It's time for your morning links, which are part of a healthy breakfast, and they'll keep you informed of all things Nationals while the Nats have a day off in Florida...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Nationals have given up late-inning runs to surrender a lead in all of their last three games. Good thing they're getting it out of the way now so that it doesn't happen during the year.

Here's what's new in West Palm.

Trea Turner isn't new to shortstop, and is ready to prove it's his position
Trea Turner has always considered himself a shortstop, and is ready for the rest of the world to consider him a shortstop, too.

The Nats' money deferral strategy is great for now. What happens when they have to pay up?
A long ways ahead, the Nats are going to owe a significant chunk of money to players that will very likely be retired or long gone from the team. What does that mean for future teams?

Who would take Derek Norris?
The Nats need to do something with Derek Norris. The only questions: what exactly do they do with him, and to whom do they give him?

Dusty Baker bonds with ailing sea turtle (also named Dusty)
Dusty Baker showed up at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, a non-profit sea turtle hospital, a few weeks ago. Volunteers organized a tour for Baker, who was greeted at the center by a newly received turtle nicknamed 'Dusty'.

Scherzer will throw first live batting practice tomorrow
A fractured knuckle in his right ring finger has prevented Scherzer from appearing in spring training thus far. However, the righty will throw his first BP session -- with his three-fingered fastball.

Strasburg looks like old self with one key difference: Only throwing from the stretch
Strasburg thinks that he can more easily repeat his mechanics if he only throws from the stretch. We'll see if it sticks around for the rest of the season, but Strasburg has given it some serious thought.

Is that 2015 Bryce Harper over there?
Today in fun with extremely small sample sizes: Bryce Harper's first few spring training at-bats have looked nothing like his 2016 campaign, but instead more like his 2015 MVP season.

Jake Arrieta and Max Scherzer: Not the same pitcher
Apparently, Jake Arrieta wants a contract similar to Max Scherzer's. Only problem? Not only is Arrieta older than Scherzer when he signed his contract, he hasn't proven to be all that consistent.

Bryce Harper wants to win a World Series... for Montreal

Tanner Roark, Daniel Murphy, ready to join Team USA for World Baseball Classic
Both Murphy and Roark are excited to wear the red, white and blue.

Anthony Rendon wants to play every day
If Rendon can stay healthy, he can be a big part of the Nats' 2017 season.

Tomorrow's Game: Red Sox vs Nationals -- 1:05 PM (MASN)
Probable Pitchers: Eduardo Rodriguez (1-0, 0.00 ERA) vs Joe Ross (1-0, 0.00 ERA)
Days until Opening Day: 28