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Wire Taps: Adam Eaton mollifies Nationals' worries about Trea Turner; Stephen Drew suffers hamstring injury

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of this afternoon's series finale with the Cardinals at 4:05 PM in D.C.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

So, about that whole 'not scoring runs thing', that seems to have changed a bit in the last few days.

Here's the beat from South Capitol Street.

Thanks to Adam Eaton, Nats don't have to worry without Trea Turner
Adam Eaton has slid into the leadoff spot and taken over Trea Turner's duties with gusto thus far.

Ryan Zimmerman is starting hot, and the Nats couldn't be more excited
Ryan Zimmerman, launch angle low or high, is having a career month so far this April, and one of the best stretches he's had in a long while.

Trea Turner heads to 10-day DL
Turner headed to the DL retroactive to Sunday, and is slated to miss two off days -- essentially, a long period of rest where the Nats get to add another bench player in the meantime. Let's hear it for the new CBA!

Anthony Rendon gets day off on Tuesday
After a pretty rough first week of the season, the Nats' third baseman got a day off on Tuesday.

Stephen Drew exits with leg injury
Because the Nats' middle infielders weren't injured enough, Stephen Drew joined the party.

When pitchers implode: The Jeremy Guthrie case study
If that was it for Jeremy Guthrie, it was a good run for him, but he just couldn't find that last pitch to put away the side in what looks like it may have been his last outing in the majors.

Nats Park beer guide
From microbrews to Budweiser, Nats Park has an extremely broad selection of alcohol.