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Wire Taps: Nationals' schedule unforgiving; When is Joe Ross coming back?; Adam Eaton looking good in center

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the Nationals' first-ever series in SunTrust Park or whatever it's called in Atlanta...

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, so that was a rough night in D.C. sports. It's okay though! The Nats are here to save the day. Hopefully. I have no plans beyond that.

Here's what's happening in Atlanta.

The Nats' schedule has been topsy turvy and anything but accomodating
Outside of Chicago, baseball games in 2017 should be starting around 7:00 PM. For the Nationals, they've only enjoyed that start time once or twice, and every other game has been pandemonium. Once that settles down, they'll go to Atlanta, New York (where they'll play on Sunday Night Baseball), and then Colorado, and then within less than 24 hours, back to D.C. Yikes.

When will Joe Ross make his 2017 debut?
Believe it or not, Joe Ross still exists. Is it possible that he returns to the majors this coming Wednesday?

Adam Eaton is looking good so far in center field
As it turns out, Eaton may have not been such a horrible center fielder in the first place -- in fact, stats would suggest that he's just been getting better overall, and the advanced numbers in this case aren't everything.

Boswell: It's not time (yet) to panic about the Nats' bullpen
After six innings of work, no reasonable judgement can be made about Blake Treinen, nor can it be made about the rest of the bullpen either. That said, it'll definitely need some help by September.

A Philly radio station is unconvinced that free-agent to be Bryce Harper would fit in with the Philly crowd
He's gonna hit homers, are you really going to ask any more questions?

Is it possible that the Nats are the team to beat in the NL?
Today in 'Fun with small sample sizes': The Cubs haven't looked dominant, the Mets are homer-reliant, the Cardinals look plain bad, and the Dodgers' starting pitching is shaky. The Nats? Nope, no visible flaws there, none whatsoever.

Today's Game: Nationals vs Braves -- 7:35 PM 
Probable Pitchers: Max Scherzer vs Mike Foltynewicz