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Wire Taps: Ryan Zimmerman’s launch angle experiment is working; Joe Ross starts for Nationals today; Victor Robles living his life in Single-A

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the second of three with the Braves in Atlanta...

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I don’t really know what even happened last night, so I guess there won’t be a witty comment today. Oh well.

Here’s the news from Atlanta:

Believe it or not, Ryan Zimmerman's launch angle experiment looks like it may actually be working

There was this whole thing where Zim was hitting it hard but not at a good angle... Everyone thought it was a nice thought, but that there was no way it would actually translate into anything. Although the sample size is small, it looks like it actually may have some substance behind it.

Ross will make debut for Nats today

Joe Ross, who has made two starts in Syracuse so far, will finally get to come back up to the minors after a cold April in Syracuse.

Turner will go on rehab assignment before returning

Trea Turner is still nursing a sore hamstring, and before he returns to the majors, Dusty Baker wants to send him to the minors for a minute. Preferably somewhere warm.

Nats know they need to clean up defense

The Nats have made a whole lot of errors. Nobody knows it better than Jayson Werth, self-proclaimed 'UZR Champion'.

Victor Robles is just being 19 and playing baseball, but make no mistake: he's the future of the Nats

After the Adam Eaton trade, the entire farm system is completely centered around the lower levels, the most prominent player there being Victor Robles, who could possibly show up in the majors as soon as... what? This year?

Say it loud, say it proud: Daniel Murphy is elite

Daniel Murphy has sustained his pace from last year and the end of the year before. When do we start treating him like a star?

Shawn Kelley is emerging as the bullpen's vocal leader

The bullpen has been the Nats' worst aspect thus far this season, so someone is stepping up and taking leadership.

Today’s Game: Nationals vs Braves — 7:35 PM
Probable Pitchers: Joe Ross vs Julio Teheran