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Best moments from Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox game at Naval Academy...

The fans may have been in uniform, but the game was anything but...

Boston Red Sox v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox faced off at the United States Naval Academy in an exhibition game.

Although the game ended in a tie, and most of the regulars were out of the game by the middle innings, a lot of interesting things happened, both before the game and while it was happening. Let’s take a look...

When the Navy let the team in a Humvee:

Today's field trip was pretty cool.

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It’s not a choice we would have made, to give Sammy Solis the controls to a Humvee, but it still made for a pretty cool picture.

When Dusty Baker got a freaking sword:

⚾⚓️ That's one way to start the weekend ⚓️⚾

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You may have gone home from Spring Training with a foul ball or an autograph. Dusty Baker got a SWORD. (The deal was that it was a bat/sword exchange — John Farrell and Dusty Baker presented engraved bats to three prominent leaders of the Navy, in exchange for two exchanged bats for each team.)

When Jayson Werth made an obscene gesture:

This was just something kind of funny. If you really want to see the original image, it’s on Twitter in quite a few places — but don’t worry, Jayson meant no harm.

When the national anthem was a sea of red and midshipmen:

PLAY BALL! #IBackTheNats

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If you were going to break out singing God Bless the USA, around the national anthem would have been the time.

Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth signing autographs and taking pictures as soon as they left the game:

As soon as they exited the game, Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth stopped outside the stands to say hi to some folks, because that’s just how they roll. (More on how Bryce Harper rolls later.)

When the Navy goat won the presidents’ race:

No comment necessary.

When Bryce Harper drove a golf cart back to the clubhouse from the field

Most of the time, when Bryce Harper leaves a game, he walks into the dugout, down some steps, and goes to relax in a big leather chair.

This time, we got to see him drive away, into the sunset/back to the home clubhouse or something.

(As always, if we missed something, let us know in the comments below!)