An April Unlike any Other

Bryce Harper is having an April unlike any we've ever seen before and boy is it fun to watch. Harper is slashing .394/.518/.803, something that has only been done by five other players in MLB history in the month of April ( On top of that, Harper has 7 home runs, 13 XBH, 20 RBI and has walked 17 times. Harper leads the majors in BA, OBP and BB, is 2nd in RBI, OPS and HR, and 3rd in SLG, H and XBH. To put that briefly, he is in the top three of arguably ALL of the most important offensive statistics. As unbelievable as he was throughout the 2015 season and the beginning of last year, he's never been better than he is right now. He looks like the best player in the world again, and one of the best of all-time (don't forget he's only 24).

While all the numbers are great, the most important thing is that Bryce Harper looks healthy again. His swing is as precise as it's ever been and his plate discipline continues to improve. It also helps that Harper has guys like Adam Eaton, Trea Turner, Daniel Murphy, and Ryan Zimmerman surrounding him in the Nationals' lineup. Teams don't really have a choice on whether or not they face Harper because if they don't, someone will make them pay for it. It hasn't always been like this for Bryce as he frequently had to hit with two outs and no one on in past seasons or without anyone behind him to keep pitchers honest. A lot of his individual success the rest of the year will depend on his health and the health of others but if it all comes together, I don't see any reason why Bryce Harper won't build on his success in April and turn it into another historically great season and MVP. And while Harper's individual statistics are not even close to the most important thing for the Nationals, it will help them a lot of games and hopefully go deep into the playoffs.

I know it hasn't even been a full month yet but the numbers Harper has put up are beyond impressive and extremely encouraging to Nats fans. The team is winning and clicking on pretty much all cylinders (bullpen remains questionable), but we should all take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the historical run that Bryce Harper is on.

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