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Wire Taps: Nationals’ bullpen has to shape up; What happened to Chad Cordero?; Jacob Turner makes case to be Nats’ 6th starter

Last night’s game would. not. end. We collected all the links we could while the Nationals outlasted the Rockies...

Washington Nationals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Yet again, these Wire Taps are going to press before the end of the game.

It’s currently 8-3 Nats at the time of writing, so here are your two alternate quippy intros to your Wire Taps...

Nats win, like they’re supposed to: Hey, look! The world didn’t end after Monday night!
Nats manage to blow game, lose in a firey ball of shame: Cancel the season, pack the bags up, it’s all over now.

Here’s what’s going on at Coors Field.

If the Nats' bullpen doesn't shape up, it could be a very quick end for the team

The Nats' bullpen has not exactly been incredibly impressive, according to the Post's Neil Greenberg. Moreover, if it doesn't get fixed, like, now, then we're looking at some major problems.

Whatever happened to Chad Cordero?
Chad Cordero looked like he was going to be the next great closer in baseball. Then, in 2008, he tore his shoulder up, and was never quite the same. But the way he was released--cut on a sports talk show by Jim Bowden--is that why the Nats are so cursed at closer?

Former Nats: Desi begins another new chapter, this time in Colorado
Ian Desmond didn't get to see his old club last year when he played for the Texas Rangers. He got to see his old pals for the first time in a while on Monday, when he talked with the D.C. press.

Jacob Turner makes his case to be the Nats' sixth starter
Turner could very well be the go-to spot starter after his impressive outing against the Rockies on Monday.

World's biggest J-Dub fan returns
Jude from Colorado was everyone when Jayson Werth was hit by a pitch last year. Now, she's reaping some big-time benefits.

Today’s Game: Nationals vs Rockies — 8:40 PM
Probable Pitchers: Tanner Roark vs Tyler Chatwood