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Game 20 WPA: This is not baseball. Trea Turner hits for cycle as Washington Nationals beat Colorado Rockies 15-12

Trea hit for the cycle for the first time since teh Gooz did it in 2008.

Washington Nationals v Colorado Rockies
Honor is like the hawk. Sometimes it must go hooded.
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Image courtesy Fangraphs.

(What do these graphs and percentages mean?)

  • The new guy was better: Joe Ross (-6.6%) runs out of gas before finishing the 5th, giving up 5 runs over 4 23 with 2 Ks and 2 walks.
  • This ballpark is ridiculous: Trea Turner (+25.3%) is 4-6 with a two-out, two-run double in the 2nd (+13.4%), a two-run dinger the other way in the 6th (+8.2%), and a three-RBI triple in the 7th (+1.5%), this last hit being the one that finally established the winning margin.
  • One would be wrong in that assumption: Daniel Murphy (+20.1%) is 3-5 with a two-out, three-run triple in the 2nd (+11.0%) that established a 7-run lead one might have thought to be reasonably certain.
  • Making it look easy: Enny Romero (+9.2%) records the only shutdown on a rough night to be a reliever, getting four outs and stranding a pair of Ross’ inherited runners.
  • Sporting gentleman: Joe Blanton (-6.3%) gives up four runs without getting an out to start off the aeyth and record a meltdown.

Tonight’s WPA brought to you by baseball in Denver: