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Nationals’ Trea Turner on MLB Network’s “Play Ball” with Mark DeRosa tomorrow...

Trea Turner told Mark DeRosa he would like to try pitching just once, “to throw a couple innings and let it loose and see what I’ve got.”

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

If you’re a Washington Nationals fan with kids (or just a kid at heart, awww), Nationals’ shortstop Trea Turner will be making an appearance on the MLB Network’s kids-centric show “Play Ball” on Saturday (tomorrow) at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Turner sits down with one-time National Mark DeRosa, answering a series of rapid-fire questions, discussing where he’d ideally like to play on the field, and offering advice to young fans and players.

His ideal spot? Turner, who played center last season when he was first called up and has shifted to his natural position at short this season, said he would actually like an opportunity to pitch and see what he could do. No really, he said it.

“I’d like to pitch,” Turner says. “I think my arm would probably explode, but I’d love to throw a couple innings and let it loose and see what I’ve got.”

Turner’s advice for kids and young-er players?

“I would say have fun,” Turner tells DeRosa. “I enjoy it. I enjoy practice. I enjoy putting the work in, I enjoy playing the game. It’s fun for me. Not everybody has fun playing it and some people play it for different reasons, but I think it’s hard to play it every single day and for a job if you’re not having fun, so enjoy it and do whatever is fun.”

Now that he’s back from the hamstring injury that landed him on the 10-Day Disabled List, Turner appears to be having fun every day.

In seven games in New York and Colorado on the Nationals’ recently-completed road trip, the 23-year-old infielder went 14 for 30 (.467/.484/.900) with five doubles, a triple and two home runs lifting him from a .158/.158/.211 line on the year, in five games prior to the injury to a .347/.360/.633 line on the year. Oh, and he hit for the cycle in Coors Field.

Check out a clip from Turner’s interview and tune in tomorrow to check out the whole show: