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Washington Nationals’ Opening Day lineup for matchup with the Miami Marlins...

Dusty Baker’s first lineup card of the season is set. Here’s how the Washington Nationals are lining up on Opening Day against the Miami Marlins...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington’s Nationals came through the Spring relatively healthy. Dusty Baker told reporters on Saturday that the one injury, Anthony Rendon’s left calf issue, the result of a foul ball late in Spring Training, could keep the third baseman out of the lineup in the season opener this afternoon, but, he added, it is not a long-term injury.

“His injury is like a temporary injury,” Baker explained.

“What it might do is change my lineup. My proposed lineup. So, I’ll just deal with that, especially when they don’t really have the one left-hander available, maybe, a starter, but they don’t have any in the bullpen. So, that sort of goes into my decision on what my lineup may be with or without Anthony.”

The big question, outside of Rendon’s availability, was how Baker would line his players up?

Would he use Trea Turner and Adam Eaton up top?

While he might want to avoid a lineup with three lefties in the middle (Eaton, Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy) that opposing teams could counter with a left-handed starter or late inning reliever, as Baker said, the Fish having just one left-handed pitcher on the 25-Man roster (starter Adam Conley), and that could factor into his decision-making in the season-opening series.

“The lineup is subject to change [depending] on who is available to us, who is available to them,” Baker said.

“All I know is that [the Marlins] don’t have any left-handers in the bullpen other than the one starting, so I’m trying to come up with the best lineup I can for that particular day.”

So, the 67-year-old veteran embarking on his 22nd season as a manager, was asked: Are he and the Nationals ready for Opening Day? And did they accomplish everything they wanted to this Spring?

“We’ve accomplished quite a bit,” Baker said, “we’ve played quite a few games, our pitchers are pretty healthy, our position players are healthy, I would have liked to win more games down the stretch, but the main thing is that hopefully our guys are ready. If they’re not ready, it’s too late to get ready.

“When you look at our record — and you think about the [2016 World Series champion Chicago] Cubs’ record — I think they had a losing record last year in Spring Training also, so, Spring Training league record — nobody remembers who won the Grapefruit League or the Cactus League but you’re here to get your work in, here to get the players endurance up and here to get their timing.”

It all starts... RIGHT NOW!