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All of Bryce Harper’s home runs in April, ranked

It’s the power rankings you never knew you always wanted.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

April is officially over. Bryce Harper finished the month with nine home runs, putting him on pace for roughly 54 home runs, which would not be a bad total (at all).

9. Against the Phillies on April 16th

A classic Harper tater. Right field, long gone. Not much new to report here.

8. Against the Mets, off of Kevin Plawecki on 4/30

Look, we’re not going to say this was a cheap shot, because it wasn’t, but you have to take the fact that a catcher was pitching into account.

7. Phillies’ home opener, on April 7th.

It’s Bryce Harper, it’s Opening Day, what else is new?

6. Off of Matt Harvey, April 21st.

Extra points for being against the Mets. Double extra points for being against Harvey.

5. Against Braves on April 19th

How to christen a stadium 101.

4. A monster blast against the Rockies on April 27

Hey look, someone just threw a pitchanndddd it’s gone.

3. Third career grand slam April 19

Bryce Harper really, really seems to like hitting at the Braves’ new stadium.

2. Opening Day vs Miami Marlins

No, there’s no element of surprise, but c’mon. Bryce Harper. Opening Day. What else do you even want?

1. Walk off three-run shot versus Phillies (4.16)

And... boom goes the dynamite.