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Game 36 WPA: Not good relief work. Nats lose 4-3 on bullpen blowup.

Gio worked out of his jams and the dingers should have been sufficient, but the “A” bullpen was anything but...

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Image courtesy Fangraphs.

(What do these graphs and percentages mean?)

  • Not efficient, but effective: Gio Gonzalez (+29.8%) gets through 6 23 IP, walking three and fanning 5, but only allowing a single run.
  • Early, illusory hope: Bryce Harper (+9.0%) hits a two-out, first-inning solo shot to put Nats ahead early (+10.3%). Get some baserunners, stat-padder!
  • More unjustified optimism: Trea Turner (-4.1%) hits a two-run bomb in the 5th to extend the Nats lead to an insufficient margin (+14.8%).
  • Stop toying with my emotions: Enny Romero (+9.9%) gets the last two outs in the aeyth to earn a shutdown.
  • YOU HAD ONE JOB: Shawn Kelley (-50.6%) lets in two runs to tie the game and earn a meltdown, leaving with two on and only one out in the 9th. Koda Glover (-21.7%) finishes nailing the coffin shut by letting in one of those runners to put the Nats behind and get his own meltdown.
  • The offense messed up, too: Matt Wieters (+8.0%) gives us more false hope with a 9th-inning leadoff single (+13.4%), but Michael Taylor (-10.3%) promptly pops up a bunt (-12.6%) and Ryan ZImmerman (-12.7%) grounds out most unheroically (-11.2%).

The early WPA brought to you by alternative parenting: