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Game 39 WPA: Punchless. Nats hit little in 6-1 loss to Bucs.

You know, I’m kind of surprised Oliver Perez doesn’t have more balks.

Washington Nationals v Pittsburgh Pirates
“Look, man, they’re not going to hit for you tonight.” (Not an actual quote.)
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Image courtesy Fangraphs.

(What do these graphs and percentages mean?)

  • Hitter-friendly zone: Jacob Turner (-7.5%) makes it through 5 13 innings with a K, 3 walks, and a HBP before giving up the go-behind, 3-run bomb (-23.5%) and getting pulled.
  • Not a meltdown: Matt Albers (-5.5%) comes in to a two-on, no-out situation in the 7th and lets in three runs, but the WPA hamsters don’t downcheck him because the Nats hadn’t kept it close enough.
  • Top of the order not tops: Trea Turner (-8.6%), Jayson Werth (-7.5%), Bryce Harper (-9.5%), and Ryan Zimmerman (-6.8%) combine to go 0-15 with a walk.

This WPA brought to you by a philosophy in which life is for living :