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Did Washington Nationals option Joe Ross to Triple-A?

The move is listed on the transaction board at, but as of now there is no official announcement. Did Joe Ross get optioned to Triple-A.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The transaction board at this morning featured a move that hasn’t been officially announced.

Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes noticed the move that was listed as having been made on the Nationals’ off day on Monday (May 1st):

Has that move actually been made? As the WaPost writer notes, it is odd that there would be no official announcement, but as of 8:15 AM this morning, it had not been removed if it was a mistake.

The move is listed on’s transaction log as well, FWIW:

Dusty Baker talked before and after the latest start by the 23-year-old, a four-inning outing in which he gave up seven hits (two of them home runs) and five runs total, about the need to get Ross right.

In three starts this season, the right-hander has given up 20 hits (5 HRs) and 13 runs total, all earned, over 15 23 IP (7.47 ERA), with a 6.13 FIP and a .303/.348/.615 line against.

His sinker’s velocity is down a tick through three outings (91.6 mph AVG in 2017, down from 92.6 last season, 92.8 career), his slider is getting hit hard (.261 AVG against, up from .135 and .172 in 2015-16) and left-handers are hitting Ross hard (.343/.395/.686) vs right-handers (.258/.290/.533).

Baker, who said that the Nationals needed to get Ross together during the recently-completed road trip, was asked after Sunday’s start against the New York Mets what he saw from the righty on the mound.

“I don’t know, just some balls, sliders, were up in the zone and the fastballs are kind of in the middle of the plate. I don’t know,” Baker said.

Will Ross take some time in Triple-A Syracuse to sort things out? What will the Nats do with the fifth rotation spot?

Jacob Turner is still on the major league roster, after one start in Colorado and a relief appearance over the weekend.

Will Turner get another start? Will the Nationals call up a starter to take Ross’s spot in the rotation?