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How I became a Nationals fan - by crying Phillies baby the Phillie Phanatic scared

In keeping with the theme of the day here at FBB — Fandom, and how it happens — We present this crying baby, who is destined to be a Nationals fan now...

Screech is a strange bird. Nationals fans know this. But compared to the Phillie Phanatic, Washington’s mascot is a saint. At least he doesn’t make babies cry.

Last night in Citizens Bank Park, the green blob of a mascot decided to scare a little defenseless baby, picking up the child, who did. not. like. it. Not at all.

Hopefully whatever damage the Phanatic has done will be long forgotten by the time this poor kid grows up, though the damage the Phillies may do to the tiny fan and its family will probably last for years.

I heard rumors that later in the game, the baby was seen laughing hysterically when a fellow Philly fan said that they really believed the Phillies had a legitimate shot at signing Bryce Harper in free agency after 2018.

[ed. note - “I hope I don’t come to regret that last line.”]