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Washington Nationals’ Jayson Werth was the keynote speaker at an organic trade conference, we’re not kidding

Both bees and bullpens are dying at alarming rates.

Really, this happened
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Jayson Werth is an important guy. We all know this. He’s also pretty big on knowing where his food comes from: he doesn’t eat dairy, and is gluten-free, and generally only eats organic, clean foods (per Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post).

What you may not know: Werth owns and operates an organic farm in Illinois that spreads over nearly 500 acres, is big on wildlife (quail, pheasants, foxes, and all that good stuff), and makes pelts out of the coyotes that he manages to find on the farm (thus keeping with the Game of Thrones theme of his life).

And, as any decent human might ask: how, and why do we know this? It’s quite simple, actually: Werth was the keynote speaker at the Organic Trade Association 2017 Policy Conference.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. The same Jasyon Werth with a batting average in the upper .200s, the one that once screamed “Kiss my A - - !” to 40,000 men and women at Nationals Park, was the keynote speaker for the Organic Trade Association 2017 Policy Conference. We’re really not kidding.

Werth also talked about his family’s beekeeping (they own four hives, SAVE THE BEES!) and how he hopes to have 10,000 acres of land by some point in his life (he’s starting with 1000 tillable acres by retirement).

If you want the full details on all the GMOs, and all that good stuff, check out this article in the Washington Post that may be the least baseball-related baseball article of all time.

Otherwise, feel free to take a look at Jayson Werth dressed up in fancy clothes talking about food.