Why I Love the Nationals

I have been married since 2008 and only ever married once. I made that lifelong decision when I was 38 years old.

When I was 6 years old I fell in the with the Orioles. 6 Years Old. And I faithfully loved and spent money on them.

From 1999 to 2010 I cared less and less about the Orioles and baseball in general. This was a shame and over time I realized how hurtful this was, to me.

In 2011 my wife asked me how come we don't go to any Oriole games anymore. I wept. I had clearly falling out of love with the Orioles. I can make a strong case that our goals, hopes and dreams were no longer compatible. I wanted to be competitive every year and try to fix things when we were not. The Orioles did not share those goals. After much deliberation and heart break I divorced the only team I ever loved at the end of the 2011 season. I wrote a letter to "He whom will not be named" and said my goodbye's. I do not think he cared. It was over.

So I changed the channel from MASN to MASN 2

In 2012 I bought a Nats hat, shirt and tickets to a game. We made the drive from Towson and had the best time. THE BEST TIME. The ushers were great, so many kids doing things, calling the first inning. It was awesome.

Around early May of 2012 I was watching a critical game and I saw on our sofa that my wife was crying. She does not cry. I said "What did I do wrong?" She simply said " I had no idea how much you LOVED Baseball" It made her sad that I went that long in life, trying to enjoy something that I clearly love, and was unable to thanks to a loveless relationship with the Orioles.

The Nats saved me in 2012 and I have never been happier.

No go get a closer and win a Playoff series already.

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