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Washington Nationals’ lineup for second of three with San Diego Padres in D.C.

Dusty Baker is away from the team this weekend, so Chris Speier is leading the Nationals against the Padres.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Speier told reporters that there wouldn’t be much of a difference with Dusty Baker away from the team this weekend. Speier is filling in for the veteran skipper while Baker is attending his son’s high school graduation.

“I think we’re pretty much the same,” Speier said before last night’s game.

“I would say I might do a few different things if the opportunities present themselves, but it’s more of a feel I think. Like you said, you’ve been in the game for a while, you have feel, but you’re limited to what your players can do for you, so you have to take all those things into consideration.”

Speier joked that not much would change for him even with the additional duties he’ll be tasked with.

“I’m still maintaining all the other things that I do prior to a game, during a game,” he explained.

“I’ll do the infield defense, I take care of all the lineup cards, all that stuff, so nothing different other than the pressure of managing and making the right decisions.”

After last night’s game, a 5-1 win over the San Diego Padres, Speier talked about the tough work he did to lead Washington to victory, with Max Scherzer giving up just a run in 8 23 innings and Trea Turner, Michael A. Taylor and Bryce Harper sparking the offense with home runs.

“Scherzer on the hill and three homers, that’s a pretty good formula,” Speier said, “because I didn’t do a darn thing the whole game, not a thing. I didn’t have to.”

Will things be tougher on the manager today? Stephen Strasburg is on the mound for the Nationals against the Padres this afternoon in the second of three in D.C.


[ed. note - “No word on Daniel Murphy’s absence for a second day yet, but Speier is meeting with reporters soon.”]

UPDATE: Murphy is just under the weather, and available according to Speier: